3 months in Sweden – By Louis

3 months in Sweden – By Louis

My name is Louis, I am 33 and I come from Corsica, France

I left my hot island this summer to come to Malmö for 3 months to experience cool weather. I arrived the 8th of July and will stay until 6th of October. I am born in Mediterranean, but I hate hard sun. 

I am a farmer, precisely, a vegetable grower. I have found my way 2 years ago, after doing a lot of shitty jobs I didn’t like to do. I started at a school named CPS in the town of Corte in January 2019, and got one year later, my diploma.

Now, to get my own farm and create the land I want to, I need a lot of knowledge, especially in AB label. I came here to learn more about how to grow winter vegetables.

I have been hosted by Alexander Harrysson, owner, and famer in Ur vår jord. He is a hard worker, self-made man, with a deep pool of knowledge. Every day I spend time with him, learning something new. My brain is full of new knowledge that I am still trying to retain.

We work every day in the garden, with actually 2 others interns, and we try every day to make this place an heaven of life. We work with permaculture thoughts, and we think that life brings life. Everything works as the same way, from a plant to the human body, and everything is linked. In order to get good vegetables, you have to feed and nurture not only the plants but everything in a garden. From the bacteria to the birds, you have to take care of everything that lives in your garden because everything has a function.

On the 6th of August, there will be a shop called « Lanthandeln » where all the vegetables we have in the garden will be sold. This won’t just be a grocery but also a bar with a restaurant corner where you can eat Oliver and Linus’s food. They are cooking chefs. I’ll probably be over there a lot of times because their food is incredible, and growing and eating are my passions.