Vanessa:I am happy and proud to be here, thanks to CCI Rodez in France, the European Union and Mexpert for giving me this opportunity.

I am Vanessa, I am 27 years old. I flew from Madrid to Malmö on February 1st, ready for my new adventure in Sweden, ready to work at Mobilizing Expertise, an efficient Swedish social company for Nordic, European and international projects and to improve my English. I can explain you the main areas of work in this company:  Training packages created during international projects, we could define it as online courses, study visits and pragmatic knowledge. Another key point for Mexpert is non-formal education, they are looking for other ways to educate teachers, volunteers and participants trying to make these people become experts on the subject. Without forgetting that project management is very important and working with enterprising people is the first step in this pyramid of business. All these concepts get me motivated to work with this company, learn a lot of important concepts and of course I feel ready to meet amazing new people. I want to tell you about the flow of my project.


I had the opportunity to take advantage of the Erasmus + internship after my studies in France. I was looking for opportunities to go to UK, Ireland and finally found this opportunity to come to Sweden on EURES. Since 1994 EURES has been a European cooperation network for employment services, designed to facilitate the free movement of workers. I found the company Mobilizing Expertise and sent a random message that it worked, and contacted Charlotte. She helped me find an accommodation, and everything was easy for the preparation of this experience. I finished my legal documents in France, and everything was ready for my departure. I am happy and proud to be here, thanks to CCI Rodez in France, the European Union and Mexpert for giving me this opportunity.


How can I explain this experience in one word? Energetic.

I arrived in Lund, prepared to work with Mexpert, and give a lot of my energy. In this company we are the boss, Neco from Turkey and the co-director Charlotte, a British woman, a boy from Sweden, Ali, four volunteers from French internships, Sarah, Amelie, Marine and Mathieu and me, I am from Spain. This entire group is between 35 and 22 years old. A new work environment for me after having been in the agro-industry sector with 50-100 people every day and big machines all parts. It was a new way of working, I always wanted to work, with young people. All of us come from different sectors, it can be helpful to quickly discover other work sectors and new techniques for managing groups at your workplace and far away, in different countries.

In this company, my favourites moments were when we held meetings to improve the operation of the work and learn about the projects. It was a shame with this pandemic problem not to have the opportunity to go abroad to defend or develop European projects with the other partners, but it is more important to be safe. We are safe! We decided to work from home and the French decided to return to France. I started working from home from mid-March. It was a time to change the work technique, before I had only worked from home when I studied, but finally, I love this way of working. Mexpert is responsible for explaining the task and they do it correctly. They invited me to take part of some online meeting and it was so interesting.


This period I could adapt my schedules and it gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my housemates, this is something that I love, and it makes me happy.

We must be resilient and take the positive vibes and learn for the next opportunity. This period in Sweden gives me some ideas to work in Europe in the future.