Autobiographical methodologies, applied in social work, are a very important tool, both individually and in groups, and in the most diverse contexts.

The narratives of self, in fact, are:

  • an opportunity to take care of yourself, find lost strands of your own story, recover important parts of yourself;
  • an instrument of personal growth, through the search for “new narratives” of oneself, valuing positive life experiences, elaborating difficult experiences;
  • an opportunity to talk about oneself to others, share one’s own story, communicate important experiences and reflections, and reveal unknown or little-known realities;
  • a tool to feed intercultural dialogue, thanks to the effectiveness of stories in allowing mutual understanding between people of different cultures, overcoming cultural barriers, prejudices and stereotypes;
  • a tool for social action, to propose different visions of reality, affirm rights and nourish changes at local and global level.

“Stories for Change” is a free course, addressed to 20 social workers, volunteers, cultural mediators, teachers, realized within the European project “FRIENDS -” Autobiographical Method for Migrants and Minorities “Inclusion in Communities they are living In” , Erasmus Plus Project – Adult Education.

The course consists of three parts:

  1. A) Training

Five 4-hour meetings (Saturday morning), with the following contents:

– Introduction to autobiographical methodologies in social work.

– Group autobiographical writing workshop

– Digital Storytelling

– Participated video

Dates: 16, 23, 30 November, 7 and 14 December 2019, hours 9-13.

Location: at Focus, House of Social Rights, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 1.


  1. B) Testing

The participants will experiment the methodologies in practice, with the accompaniment of the trainers.

Period: January – February 2020


  1. C) Verification and follow up

A meeting of reflection after the experimentation, to consolidate the learning.

Period: March 2020 (the date will be defined together during the journey)

Course coordination: Andrea Ciantar, expert in autobiographical methodologies and Digital Storytelling.……………………..

Project AMICI, “Autobiographical Method for Migrants’ and Minorities’ Inclusion in Communities they are living In”, Erasmus Plus Project – Adult Education.


Romania  – Asociatia Pro-Xpert – Coordinator

Italia – Storie di Mondi Possibili

Bulgaria – Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development

Sweden – Mobilizing Expertise AB

United Kingdom – Dacorum Council For Voluntary Service Ltd