E-Women: Pre-research report

E-Women: Pre-research report

The pre research report has been produced as a part of E-women. A Key action 2 project funded by ERASMUS+. The overall project goal of E-women is to develop new methods for integration of young women with immigrant background into the labor market». This pre-research report has been produced as documentation in the process of making a guide for the target group; professionals and voluntaries working to improve integration of young female migrants in the labor market, being the beneficiaries of the project. It is meant for professionals, students and volunteers working within the migration field. 

It contains information about the project fundament, and connects the importance of integration of female migrants  to the SDG.

It also contains a situation description from the 4 partner countries; Norway, Sweden, Turkey and Spain; based on information from relevant stakeholders and interviews made with target group and beneficiaries. 

You can download and read the report here: 

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